Hey 👋
I play bass 🎸, sing 🎤, write songs ✍️ and code 👨‍💻.

🎵 My Music 🎵

👉 Jessie's Dream 👈

An Indie band (that's what they say) which makes best music in the world. Right now we're recording our first album.
We're almost done.
Stay tuned.

👉 Abrahms Family 👈

An epic cool Progressive Rock band which also makes best music in the world.
Currently on a break after 20+ years of a huge journey of wins, fails and experiences.

👉 Gefilte Drive 👈

A successful Neo-Klezmer band I have an honor to play in.

👉 The Quaramen 👈

A Beatles covers quarantine style project on YouTube.